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“My wife and I tried this for the first time after two failed IUI's ($3000 each try, plus the cost of fertility meds). 9 days after using the Stork OTC at home and now I am pregnant! This product saved us tons of money, but it also allowed us to conceive our baby in the privacy is our home, which we were are so thankful for! Since it's OTC and didn't involve multiple doctors appointments, I was able to conceive with fertility meds. We use the Stork OTC twice (12 hours apart) during my most fertile window. The process was so easy and painless! I cannot”

Pregnant At Last!

“The STORK really works! My husband and I were trying to conceive for 15 months and only after using the STORK twice (within the same month) did we get pregnant!! It was really unbelievable! Thank you so much for creating this effective tool! We are forever thankful!”
“I didn't know what to except from the Stork when I first purchased it. It was very well explained and pretty straight forward to use. My husband had a vasectomy reversal 6 years ago and I had suffered a miscarriage; we had been struggling to get pregnant ever since. All the tests indicated that I was fine but we discovered that my husband’s sperm was producing antibodies due to the vasectomy reversal, which was affecting the sperm getting to where they needed to be. I purchased the Stork a few weeks ago and I started ovulation testing at day 10 in my cycle. We used the Stork on day 12 and today I found out I am expecting. It's early days and we are just taking each day as it comes but it proves that the Stork does actually work.”
Carrie, – UK
“Just like to say a massive thanks, my wife and I have been trying for a baby for just under three years, as we already have a child the fertility clinic we attended could do all the tests but treatment wasn’t available for us. My wife purchased your product last month and we are now expecting our 2nd baby. Superb product thank you very much!”
Paul, – UK
“With the grace of God and help from the stork. It has been made possible for me to conceive a baby girl using the stork and the grace of God from the 1st time we used stork. My daughter is healthy and a bundle of joy. I have already ordered another stork for the future when we are ready to try baby no 2. Amazing product. Thank God for such a blessing.”
Superdrug Review, – UK
“We’ve been trying for a baby for 14 months without any success, myself being 41 years old. We even had a failed IVF attempt along the way. Decided to try the Stork, with little hope that it would work. It was easy to use and it worked first time! We are delighted to be pregnant ! My advice is, give the Stork a go, it’s really simple to use and at £99.99 it is relatively inexpensive.”
Kirstine, – UK
“I have been trying for my third child for 10 months, after conceiving my two boys on clomid. I was on my 6th and final cycle of clomid, after which I was being sent for a hsg tube test before going on to hormone injections. I bought Stork as a desperate whim. The instructions were very good and it turned out to be pretty easy to use. I just got a positive pregnancy test and am over the moon!!!!!”
Paula, – UK
“At 41 years of age and my partner who is 42….we had been trying for 10 months….getting very discouraged. Doing everything right, eating right, exercising. But every month it was a disappointment and time was running out. Then we came upon The Stork and thought , why not, lets give it a try, nothing to lose. We are so glad we tried this, and after 1 try we are 6 weeks pregnant!! We are over the moon!! We are so happy we came across this product, highly recommend!!!”
Jennifer D., – Canada
“Just wanted to say a massive thank you to the Stork. I am happy to announce I am 12 weeks pregnant. The Stork has made our dream of having a child a reality. We couldn’t be more excited. Its taken us nearly 3 years and for it to actually happen it’s a miracle. We fell pregnant on the first go !!! Thank you again ! We couldn’t be more happy with your product.”
Marijana B., – Australia
“My husband and I attended the Fertility Show last month in Olympia in London. We have been trying for 10 months to get pregnant with no success and were about to start IVF. We bought the Stork and used it last month – and we have just found out that we are pregnant! So thank you to the creator of the Stork who we met at the Show, a real example of how entrepreneurship can result in real-life success stories. THANK YOU!”
Anna, – UK
"My husband and I have been trying for our second baby for 19 months….I am now 10 weeks pregnant! Thank you so much for bringing this to Australia. It is so fabulous to be able to do this in the comfort of your own home. I really wish this product was offered at fertility clinics as a first option. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”
Shelley H., – Australia
“I could not be happier with my experience using The Stork. After months of trying and a miscarriage, my husband and I used The Stork once and hey presto, I’m pregnant! It’s so easy to use and I would highly recommend others try this product. We are thrilled that our 3 year old son will become a big brother in May next year, all thanks to The Stork.”
Jennifer. C., – Melbourne, Victoria
“Thank you!!! After over a year of trying to conceive and finding out husband had a few sperm related issues, we got pregnant on our second month using the stork!… we are thrilled and thankful that The Stork is available and I will recommend it to others.”
Sarah L., – Australia

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