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Emmy Pregnancy Test
Emmy Pregnancy Test
"IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had been TTC for nearly a year, when I decided we should go in for fertility testing earlier than the recommended year (I am 29 & my hubby is 30), because I just had a suspicion that something may be wrong, & didn't want to waste any valuable time. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism & put on levothyroxine & had to get an MMR vaccine booster & we would need to put TTC on hold for a month after that to prevent miscarriage & birth defects, but otherwise I was deemed normal. My hubby, however was told that his 17 million/mL sperm count was not the 20 million/mL minimum required for any chance at all of natural conception, & that our only option was IUI for $1,800 out of pocket cost per cycle! There was no way we had the money for that :(! When we told the fertility doctor we couldn't afford the treatment, he basically dismissed us, like we were not worth his time unless we could pay the big bucks! At first I freaked out trying to find grant programs for funding, but they mostly only help couples in more dire straits who (according to traditional medical doctors) need IVF/ICSI. Then hubby told me "why don't we just pray & let God take care of this!?" Next I looked into at-home IUI supplies, but soon read research that points to the high risk of infection & injury from unwashed sperm still in the semen injected directly into the uterus :(! Then: after watching YouTube videos stating that cervical cap insemination has just as high a success rate as professional IUI, I looked back at something I had briefly read about in my fertility apps early on in TTC: The Stork OTC :)! This website also stated similar odds to IUI. I ordered 2 kits for about $112 (with Glow Fertility online coupon) just in time for my September fertile window & a bunch of OPKs (Clearblue Digital Advanced, First Response, & Answer). (We used my Diva menstrual cup to hold the sperm on my cervix while waiting for the Stork OTC to arrive as sort of a 'tide us over' type of thing). We had sex every other day as advised for low sperm count. The kits arrived just in time, a few days before I ended up ovulating :)! They were fairly easy to use (except for the difficulty getting those thick stiff condoms on hubby; ouch :(! But we hoped the momentary discomfort would be worth it!). I fully expected for us to need to use these for at least another additional cycle or more to have a chance of conceiving without IUI. But low & behold!: less than 2 weeks later I got my first of 5 positive home urine pregnancy tests :)!!!!!!!! IT REALLY WORKED :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please: anyone out there who has been told they will need expensive IUI to have any chance of conception (or even IVF really), TRY THE Stork OTC (with OPKs or ovulation tracking bracelet) FIRST!!!! You may be surprised at how quickly this miracle can happen! Thank you God for the blessing of our Stork baby/babies :)! We are over the moon with grateful happiness! Joyfully: Emily & Sean Scott"
Emmy Scott, – Georgetown, DE
“My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 3 years with the help of an RE, after undergoing lots of treatments and tests we fell into the "unexplained" category along with a low sperm morphology count. National Infertility Awareness Week I reached out to review the Stork because I had been reading about it and was intrigued to see maybe if it would work for us and it is definitely more cost efficient. We were averaging $700 a month for IUI and injectable medication versus $80-90 at the store… Afterwards, we said our prayers and hoped this might work for us. On 10 DPO we received a super duper faint positive and I almost thought I was just seeing stuff. The next morning I tested again and saw a faint line and took a digital which said “YES” best word I could have ever seen. I am without a doubt certain the Stork OTC helped us in our long 3 year journey! We went to the dr today and saw our baby via ultrasound and just lost it for that we are both forever grateful and thankful to the Stork for helping us in our journey!!”

UPDATE: Baby Due 2017

"BFP 1st try after 3.5 years! I wish I would have known about this product 3 and a half years ago. We spent so much money and time and stress on a fertility dr and 3 IUIs. We did eventually get pregnant after 3 years, but had stopped going to the fertility a year prior to getting pregnant. Unfortunately we miscarried our first baby.
We tried for the next 7 months to no avail. I then discovered the stork, so I gave it a try. The first time it worked perfectly, the second one we did malfunctioned but that's because I didn't push the correct button before pulling it out. ..make sure you follow instructions!! 2 weeks later, I have my BFP! So long story short, try this product! It works! Just be sure you follow the instructions exactly so it works correctly."
Jen222, – PA, US
"I bought this because the fertility tracking app Ovia suggested it and I was all out of ideas after trying to get pregnant after almost a year. I was skeptical because nothing worked before. But this product in conjunction with perfect timing using my Ovia app I used it and ended up pregnant! I bought and used two just to be sure! And it worked!!!"
Jocelyn, – Lexington Park, MD
"We got pregnant. My wife and I lost our first baby due to complications after 9 months of trying. After a second try and 6 months we tried the stork and she got pregnant. … The stork itself was pretty neat. It worked no problem for us… People complain about it being a single use product. I’m sure the company has to make it single use for safety and sterilization reasons. The $80 per use is still cheaper than a fertility clinic. Which we were going to this morning after a 2-month wait, but then we took a last minute test and found out we were pregnant…"
Ryan T.
"It worked! 9 weeks pregnant! Used four of the Stork OTC devices over four months. Words can't describe how grateful I am to have found this."
Proud1stMama, – Lawrence, KS
“My wife and I got married while I was in the Army and between my deployments and careers we ended up waiting until our we were almost 40 to try to start a family. We both had a lot of concerns about our ability to conceive but fortunately the Stork was available. We were able to use it in the privacy of our own home and after only two tries, we conceived. We’re 6 months along now and we couldn’t be happier!” UPDATE: Baby Boy Winter 2014
A.K.Z, – USA
“We got pregnant right away and had no problems at all with The Stork! I will say I felt it inside me (unlike a tampon) and was nervous I had messed up somehow, but we’re pregnant! This was our first try and we can’t believe it. We did combine The Stork with ovulation tests, Vitex, Mucinex, and evening primrose oil. (Of course, talk to your doctor first.) Zero complaints about this product!” UPDATE: Twin Girls Born 2015
Lauren K., – US