• The Stork (1 Single Pack) The Stork (1 Single Pack)

    The Stork® Home Kit for Conception

    The Single-use kit includes a cervical cap inside a condom-like sheath (Conceptacle) to collect the sperm and a unique applicator to deliver the cervical cap with sperm close to the opening of the cervix, as an aid to conception. The cervical cap can be removed after 4 to 6 hours. Easy-to-follow instructions are included in each package.  
    • Applicator enables sperm to bypass unfavorable vaginal environment to deliver the sperm at the opening of the cervix.
    • HSSA (Human Sperm Bio-Assay) tested cervical cap keeps the sperm at the opening of the cervix, this helps to keep the sperm from pooling elsewhere in the vaginal tract.
        How To Use   Read full instruction leaflet provided with device prior to use as this device can only be used once. For a video instruction on how to use visit our website https://www.thestorkconception.co.uk/how-it-works/   Prepare
    • Remove Conceptacle (condom-like sheath) from packaging. • Place Conceptacle and unroll.
    • Collect semen. • Afterwards, remove Conceptacle by re-rolling the condom down and pulling out the cervical cap carefully. • Keep cervical cap upright while removing from the condom-like sheath.
    Place (in applicator)
    • Remove applicator from packaging. • Keep the cervical cap upright and place cap onto the open petals, letting it rest into the ridges of the petals. • Squeeze inner cap holder closed around the cap. You will hear a click. • Keep Applicator upright. • Close the cap by pulling back on Button 1 (Plunger Tab). You will hear a click.
    • Insert• Get comfortable and insert the applicator until you meet resistance – do not push past the point of resistance. • Re-open the cervical cap by pressing on Button 2 (Plunger Release Button, and then push Plunger Tab (Button 1) down. • Release cervical cap by pushing Button 3 (Cap Release Button) • Withdraw and discard applicator.
    Remove • After 4 to 6 hours, remove cap by pulling on the tampon-like string. • Discard the cap. Extended Details This device is not sterile. This device is not intended for contraceptive use. Do not use this product if it is medically unsafe for you to engage in sexual intercourse or to become pregnant. Do not reuse. Do not use if you have been diagnosed with any of the following conditions: no sperm in semen (azoospermia), blocked fallopian tubes, known STD’s (including active herpes, hepatitis), loss of fallopian tubes due to surgeries, or have had a hysterectomy. Please stop use and consult your healthcare professional if you have any questions regarding use of The Stork.